About CRIA

CRIA is a non-profit organization registered under society Act 21, 1860. It has been founded with the objective of rejuvenating the village system by disseminating empowering information and undertaking developmental initiatives.

The village system of India has been the back bone of its civilization. The modernization project that began with the independence did not include the nourishment of this very system in its agenda. Cities became the preferred choice of site for development. The voices of villages got buried under the mindless craving for urbanization.Grassroots development through grassroots democracy which was envisaged through Institutions like PanchayatiRaj,has also proved to be hypocritical so far. Centre for Rural Information and Action (CRIA) has been foundedto rejuvenate this time tested institution, the village systemof India in order to bring the scores of crumbling villagesback on its feet.

Knowing is empowering. A citizen aware of her rights and duties seldom let herself to be fooled by the false propaganda. Disseminating the empowering information amongst the villagers, thus, becomes the first priority of CRIA.

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